Merrimac Public Library Board of Trustees

Trustees’ Meeting, December 14, 2016


  1. Minutes for the October 12, 2016 trustees’ meeting were unanimously approved as written.
  2. Payrolls and warrants were circulated.
  3. Action Item- Tina stated that the proceeds from the Friends Book and Bake Sale were approximately $1500.
  4. Paul Kimbrell was welcomed as the new trustee on the library board.
  5. Director’s Report- The trustees received the director’s report via e-mail prior to the meeting. Susan inquired about the cost of the new HVAC maintenance contract as she switched from Uptack to Vision Geo Energy. The new contract is approximately $100 less than the old one.
  6. Tina handed out copies of the proposed budget. Salaries for all town employees will be increased by 2.5%. Tina noted that there will be a network membership increase ($21,600) in 2018. There is an increase in the amount spent on collection materials each year. Action Item- Tina will present the finalized budget at the January meeting.
  7. Director’s Evaluation- Action Item- This evaluation is due on January 11 (the next trustees’ meeting) and will be given to Tina on January 30. Susan asked that Tina send a copy of last year’s goals to the trustees for reference when completing her evaluation. Tina informed the trustees that she is looking at retirement at some point within this calendar year.
  8. Action Item- Pentucket needs Wadleigh Award by February 3.
  9. The meeting was concluded at 6:25, and the next meeting is scheduled for January 11, 2017.

Respectfully submitted,
Yvonne Cosgrove